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In an era of relationship marketing the road to a better return on your investment is to employ targeted direct marketing campaigns. By providing you proven target marketing solutions and techniques, Contact Marketing, a marketing company, concentrates on targeting the right customer at the right address with the right offer big saving of money and time spent on futile messages sent to millions of unknown people.

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What is a list broker?
Why use a list broker?
Why us?
How does it work?

What is a list broker?

A list broker is hired by a direct marketer to research, recommend, and order lists that fit the needs of the campaign.

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Why use a list broker?

Every company wants to increase response rates at a lower cost in less time. With over 70,000 lists available, finding the right list is a hard task. No matter how compelling your offer or how beautiful your package, no campaign will succeed unless it reaches the right costumer.  At Contact Marketing we find the right list to reach the right costumer.

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Why us?

Our list brokers are professional marketers and consultants who over the past 10 years have helped many companies plan and strategies their mail campaign, execute the campaign and conduct post-campaign analysis. One of our devoted brokers will work with you from beginning to end overseeing the execution of your marketing campaign. He will search among the 70,000 lists available picking out the right lists from reliable list managers based on your special marketing needs. He will also negotiate, on your behalf, the best price and net arrangement.

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How does it work?

  1. Strategy – Contact Marketing will understand and evaluate your particular campaign. We will examine your mail piece and brainstorm together with you to determine your target market and the projected effectiveness of the various mailing lists in that particular market(s).

  2. Research – Contact Marketing will research among all the lists on the market pertaining to the determined target markets and will analyze them using vast criteria, among them:

    • List description
    • Last updated
    • Who owns the list?
    • Who they build the list (direct mail, telemarketing etc.)
    • Who is the list manager?
    • List usage (by other related mailers)
    • Hotline quantity
    • Price

  3. Recommendation – Our list brokerage team will put together a detailed list recommendation of the lists we feel will best serve your marketing campaign. We will show the reasoning behind each recommended list. We will provide counts and usage on the lists as well as advice on various selections to use and quantities for each list presented.

  4. Order – Contact Marketing will place the order on your behalf with the relevant list manager, coordinate the shipping arrangements and follow up until the order has been received by you or your mail house.

  5. Complementary services offered as well by Contact Marketing:

  6. Merge Purge – If requested, Contact Marketing will coordinate and perform the merge purge and any other preparatory work needed to get the list(s) to the mail house.

  7. Post-campaign analysis – Contact Marketing has developed a program to assist clients in the follow-up work to determine the success of a particular campaign and/or the particular lists mailed.

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